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Our handmade natural artisan soaps are inspired by nature and our herb gardens. The natural soap is handmade and lovingly handcrafted in New Iberia, Louisiana, in small batches, using the finest plant-based oils and butters. Our goal is to use only natural ingredients. Many of the natural ingredients in our soap are taken from our farm where we have native raw honey and fresh herbs. There is much enjoyment in producing and using these natural and home grown ingredients in our handmade soaps! 
Many of our soaps contain herb infused oils, dried herbs, raw honey,  and special natural ingredients to enhance the soaps. They are made to nourish the skin.  Much study and thought goes into the decision of what essential oils and herbs are used in order to make them the finest all natural luxury soaps. 
All bars weigh between 4.8 and 5.5 oz.  
     Spiced Apple Organic Soap
Filled with Nature's Goodness 
Just in time for harvest season!  Organic apples and organic yogurt are added to the wonderful organic oils in this recipe. Apples contain alpha-hydroxy acids that are very effective in healthy skin care.    A tea made with organic mulling spices are added to enhance the bar.  The essential oil blend, reminiscent of spiced cider, help to make this a very festive and healthy bar full of organic ingredients. 
        Soap Bar $6.00                            ADD TO CART 
Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, organic palm & organic canola oils; sodium hydroxide & distilled water; organic apples, organic yogurt, organic spices of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, & ginger; organic orange peel; organic cinnamon & organic lemon essential oils, & tangerine, litsea & bitter almond essential oils.
                 Autumn Spice Soap
Mulled Spices Scent this Luscious Bar! 
Another seasonal soap inspired by the harvest and holiday seasons.  My Autumn Spice bar begins with seeping organic apple juice in organic mulling spices. This is added to the special oils, along with powdered spices and wonderful essential oils. A very generous sized bar weighing in at 5+ ounces after curing. 
Soap Bar $5.50                                 ADD TO CART 
Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, palm kernel, coconut, cocoa butter & castor;  sodium hydroxide & distilled water; organic apple juice; organic mulling spices;organic cinnamon powder & clove powder; orange, litsea, clove bid, nutmeg, cassia, & allspice essential oils.
      Baby Castille Soap  
                   Baby Castille Soap
For Tender Skin 
For Tender Skin 
Baby's skin is so tender that many believe that plain water is best at the very beginning.  When a soap is used, it should be a very gentle one.  Our soap is made with pure olive oil with a touch of castor.  No extra scent is added to keep it as gentle as possible for sensitive skin.  Baby oatmeal is added to help soothe the skin. 
    Soap Bar $5.50                                               ADD TO CART 
Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive & castor bean; distilled water; & organic baby oatmeal.
           Cajun Spice, Organic
A Soap For Celebration 
In the deep South Louisiana Cajun land, we love to celebrate with with much joy & excitement.  Our area is known for our sweet sugarcane and spicy peppers, such as Tabasco.  This soap was made to celebrate this special place and time. Organic cane sugar and spicy essential oils add to the fun.   
Soap Bar $6.00                                 ADD TO CART 
Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, organic palm, organic palm kernel, organic canola oils & organic castor; sodium hydroxide & distilled water; organic cane crystals, orange, black pepper, litsea, nutmeg, clove, tangerine & cardamon essential oils; rosemary oil extract & vitamin e.
                Citrus Bergamot
A Fresh Clean Citrus Scent 
Imagine the crisp and clean springtime breezes and the fresh scent of a citrus grove with a touch of the lemongrass. The scent is very uplifting, yet relaxing.  The rich organic oils and shea butter make this a very emollient bar of soap. 
    Soap Bar $6.00                             ADD TO CART   
Organic olive, organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, rice bran, organic canola, organic shea butter, organic castor bean oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, organic bergamot and organic lemon essential oils, lime, litsea and lemongrass essential oils, organic aloe vera.  
     Comfrey   Calendula Soap 
            Comfrey & Calendula  
History of Herbal Healing plus Organic ingredients 
Comfrey & calendula are both herbs that have been used for centuries to help heal rashes & inflamations & other skin problems.  Because of the skin healing properties, both infusions of organically grown comfrey & calendula from our herb gardens are added. The essential oils were also chosen because of their history in skin care. 
   Soap Bar $6.00                                   ADD TO CART 
Comfrey & calendula infused organic extra virgin olive & organic sunflower oils, organic palm kernel, organic coconut, organic castor bean; aloe butter, distilled water & sodium hydroxide; & patchouli, organic lemon & organic lavender essential oils.
         Cucumber & Yogurt Soap
A Great Herbal Scent 
Organic yogurt and our own organically grown cucumbers are blended together to make this a fabulous bar of soap. Both of these ingredients are full of healthy skin care properties.  The essential oil blend gives this soap a marvelous citrus herbal scent. 
 Soap Bar $5.50                               ADD TO CART 
Extra virgin olive, coconut, palm & canola oils; shea butter; distilled water & sodium hydroxide; pureed organic cucumbers, organic yogurt; bergamot, lime & rosemary essential oils.
               French Lavender Soap
For the Lavender Lover 
Made for the true lavender lover, this soap's scent comes for the pure lavender 'Provence' essential oil which is very aromatic, romantic, soothing & healing.  Olive oil and shea butter are chosen because of their ability to moisturize & allow the skin to breathe naturally 
     Soap Bar $6.00                                ADD TO CART 
Saponified oils of extra virgin olive, coconut, palm kernel, & castor bean; unrefined shea butter; distilled water, & lavender essential oil.
               Spiced Citrus Forest
Inspired by the Fresh Evergreen Forests 
The woodsy and fresh scents of juniper and spruce, along with spicy clove bud blend beautifully with the citrus scents of bergamot and lime. Extra virgin olive oil has moisturizing, regenerating and skin softening properties.  Sunflower oil contains high levels of vitamin E. 
    Soap Bar  $5.50           NEW             ADD TO CART 
Olive, sunflower, palm kernel, coconut and castor; distilled water. sodium hydroxide; bergamot, clove bud, juniper berry, lime, patchouli & spruce essential oils.   
    Grapefruit Patchouli Soap   
         Grapefruit Patchouli Soap
A soap made to pamper your skin! 
An olive oil rich soap, full of nature's goodness.  Avocado and coconut oils are rich natural moisturizers, high in vitamin e.  In aromatherapy, both grapefruit & patchouli essential oils are used in skin care, while the honey lays down a protective film that helps the skin maintain moisture. 
     Soap Bar $5.50                                               ADD TO CART 
Extra virgin olive, coconut, palm, castor & avocado oils; water, sodium hydroxide; raw honey; patchouli, ruby red grapefruit, litsea, orange 5X, & lime essential oils.
     Cucumber   Mint Soap 
           Cucumber Mint & Shea
A special soap to pamper your skin! 
Our own organically grown and freshly pureed cucumbers are added to the wonderful extra virgin olive oil and shea butter used in this recipe. Cucumbers have a soothing and refreshing effect on the skin. Shea butter is added to enhance the moisturing properties of this very creamy and soothing bar of soap. 
 Soap Bar $5.50                                                  ADD TO CART 
Coconut, olive, palm, canola oils & shea butter; distilled water & sodium hydroxide; pureed cucumbers; lavender, tea tree, peppermint, & spearmint essential oils.
                 Double Mint Soap
A fresh & inigorating bar 
This is a very refreshing and minty bar of soap made with lots of extra virgin olive oil and cocoa butter plus more soothing and moisturizing oils.  The combination of peppermint, spearmint and star anise essential oils make an invigorating scent. 
Soap Bar $5.50                                                      ADD TO CART 
Olive, coconut, cocoa butter, palm kernel, & castor bean oils; distilled water & sodium hydroxide; iron oxides for color; peppermint, spearmint & star anise essential oils.  
     Carrot   Honey Soap 
          Carrot & Honey Spice Bar
Nature's Bounty Bar 
Carrots are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene and have antioxidant and soothing properties which can help to revitalize and  rejuvenat.  Sunflower oil is very moisturizing and high in vitamin E to care for the skin. 
Soap Bar $5.50                                                        ADD TO CART      
Olive, rice bran, palm, coconut, palm kernel, sunflower, & castor bean oils; distilled water & sodium hydroxide; organic pureed carrots; raw honey; ground cloves & cinnamon; orange, patchouli & organic cinnamon leaf essential oils.
      Gardenerís Soap 
                      Gardener's Bar
Orange & Patchouli Scrubby Bar 
Orange peel & patchouli leaf are ground and sifted and added to this herbal soap. These herbs, along with ground oatmeal, are gentile exfolients to help clean a gardener's hands. Coconut oil adds to the fluffy lather to wash away garden dirt & grime. Oatmeal is added to help clean, sooth & nourish the skin. 
       Soap Bar $5.75                                                                                ADD TO CART 
Coconut, olive, palm, palm kernel; distilled water & sodium hydroxide; ground oats, orange peel, &  patchouli leaf; orange, tangerine, litsea & patchouli essential oils.
      Calendula Soap                           
            Calendula Blossom Soap
Calendula Flowers plus Organic Cocoa Butter 
The golden flowers of calendula have been used for centuries in skin care. Herbalists consider calendula to be a very effective skin conditioner. Our own organically grown Calendula flower petals were infused in organic sunflower oil and allowed to infuse for many weeks while slowly absorbing many of the wonderful qualities of the Calendula flower. Organic cocoa butter was added to help seal in moisture & help soften & protect the skin. 
  Soap Bar $6.00                                         ADD TO CART 
Saponified oils of olive*, sunflower*, castor*, & cocoa butter*, palm kernel*; organically grown calendula petals; lavender*, spearmint*, & tangerine* essential oils. 
*certified organic*
        Chocolate Orange Soap 
             Chocolate Orange Soap
A Citrus & Chocolate Bar 
Seven moisturing oils & butters are added to this soap to make it extra creamy. Real dark chocolate is melted and added to this soap and swirled with annetto seed infused olive oil for color. The wonders of chocolate continues to enrich us. Chocolate contains antioxidants & is very soothing, and skin softening. The citrus scent is very uplifting! 
 Soap Bar $5.75                                                    ADD TO CART 
Olive, rice bran, coconut, cocoa butter, canola, & castor bean oils; water & sodium hydroxide; annetto seed infused olive oil; dark chocolate with sugar & vanilla; orange, tangerine, patchouli, & litsea essential oils.
       Organic Herb Garden Soap
A Stroll through our Herb Gardens 
A stroll through our herb gardens! A rich creamy soap with a wonderful herbal scent. The organic oils were chosen for their ability to moisturize and clean the skin.  Finely ground and sifted organic oats are added to gently exfoliate and help sooth the skin. A lavender bath can help relax tired muscles and a tired mind and rosemary is wonderfully fresh and stimulating with its ability to wake up the body and spirit. Tangerine oil is added to give the blend a light and cheerful touch. 
   Soap Bar $6.00                                                ADD TO CART 
Ingredients:  Organic olive oil, organic soybean oil, distilled water, organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, tangerine oil, organic oatmeal, organically grown lavender, rosemary & calendula leaves.  
      Clementine Lavender Soap 
                   Clementine Lavender
A Beautiful Scent! 
Clementines are the tiniest of the mandarins. Usually imported from Spain, Morocco, and other parts of North Africa, they are a cross between a sweet orange and a Chinese mandarin. They are small, very sweet, and usually seedless. Bulgarian lavender essential oil is  added to enhance the bar. 
    Soap Bar $5.50                                                  ADD TO CART 
Saponified oils of olive, palm kernel, palm, rice bran, castor bean; shea  butter; distilled water; lavender, litsea, bergamot, tangerine, orange, & lime essential oils.
                       Jewelweed Soap
To Fight Poison Ivy 
A soothing bar of soap made with sensitive skin in mind. A soap made to help clean the body after being exposed to poison ivy or poison oak. Deep cleaning after exposure is important. Jewelweed is believed to be a natural preventative to plant induced rashes and dermatitis. Organic oatmeal is added to help sooth the skin and help relieve any rashes and lavender, lime, & tea tree essential oils were added because of their wonderful skin care benefits.  
                                                             Sold Out! Trying to Locate Some Fresh Jewelweed. 
    Soap Bar $5.50                                 ADD TO CART 
Saponified oils of organically grown jewelweed infused sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil; organic oatmeal; & lavender, lime & tea tree essential oils.
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