Soy Candles 
8 oz. Square Mason Jar & Travel Tin Candles 
Our soy candles are made from 100% soy wax with cotton wicks.  These materials are grown by American farmers and processed in the USA. Our candles burn cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles. All of our candles are hand poured and made individually. They are non-toxic and biodegradable with soap and water clean-up. We love making and enjoying them in our home. Much testing is done to ensure a quality product.  
Our hand poured candles are $4.25 for the four once travel tin candle and $7.50 for the Mason Jar. They offer a soothing glow and fragrance and burn very slowly, lasting much longer than conventional candles. After much testing, only the best are offered. I prefer to make my candles with the natural color of the soy wax. If my customer requests that color be added, I will be very happy to make the candle with color.  Each batch is made individually and I try to imagine the best color for the scent. Because of this, the candles will vary a little in color if poured from a different batch. 
Occasionally, a customer will request that I make a candle without a wick, because it is to be used on a candle burner and the customer prefers the look of the candle without the wick.  I have added that option to the "ADD TO CART" button. 
All Natural Soy Candles, with the different options can be chosen from a drop down list by clicking the words "Add to Cart". 
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Energy - A stimulating blend of citrus, berry, jasmine, cucumber  &  champagne.
Amish Quilt - A very spicey, sweet  & complex fragrance.
Celtic Moonspice - A wonderfully fragrant blend of warm     spices, cinnamon, clove & nutmeg.
Persian Pear -Anjou pears, lightly sprinkled with coconut & vanilla.
Apricot Medley - A blend of sweet & tart apricots , peaches & pears.
Grapefruit Patchouli - A special fragrance blend 
  containing grapefruit & patchouli essential oils.
Green Tweed - A sporty & masculine fragrance blend.
Bird of Paradise  Creamy vanilla with fresh strawberries & creamy vanilla
Gingered Peach 
Creme Brulee - Rich vanilla custard with the right touch of caramel.
Full Moon - A complex fragrance of vetiver, patchouli, resins & more!
Sweet Potato Pie - The aroma of the delicious Louisiana  candied yam pie!
Cappuccino Brulee -  
Lavender - A wonderful blend of fragrance & essential oils.
Egyptian Amber - A complex herbal fragrance oil blend infused with  six essential oils.
Champagne & Strawberries  - A romantic blend of champagne with fresh juicy strawberries.
Lavender & Sweet Basil - Lavender & sweet basil, with notes  of cedarwood & patchouli.
Sage & Citrus - A blend of  sage plus mandarin,tangerine & ruby red grapefruit.
Bahama Mama - Fresh coconut mixed with fruit, blended with hints of sugar & more.
Lemongrass & Sage 
Snowdrift Berries
Coconut Pear - Fresh sweet coconut with ripe pear &  subtle green notes.
Lemon Verbena - Lemon & floral verbena combine in this uplifting delight.
Spiced Cranberry - Crisp tart cranberry with a spicy flair!
Chocolate Mint 
Melon Mist - A fresh blend of a variety of aromatic melons.
Vanilla Grapefruit - A fragrant blend of soft sweet vanilla with grapefruit.
Clementine Lavender - Classic notes of French lavender in a citrus blend!
Rosemary Mint - A cool, refreshing, herbal blend of 
   rosemary & mints.
Pumpkin Souffle - Bursting with fresh pumpkin & notes of butter, sugar, & spice
Cranberry Orange Spice - A luscious blend of tart 
   cranberries, spiced apples & fresh orange peel.
Hunter's Moon - Seductively, masculine scent with exotic woods.
Vetiver Noire
Creme Brulee - Rich vanilla custard with the right touch of caramel.
Oak Moss & Amber  - A complex fragrance, rich & woody,      with a fusion of herbs & amber.
White Tea & Ginger - A beautiful, comforting blend of citrus, spices & florals.
Sanguigno Orange & Patchouli - Rich orange grounded with warm patchouli & fir.
Vanilla Bean Supreme - A playful blend of vanilla & caramel plus much more.
Moon Lake Musk -  A deep yet balanced  musk with earthy & woody base notes.
Stress Relief - A lovely, soothing scent to help relax the body & soul.
Gardenia - A lovely floral scent of the Southern Gardenia.
Southern Magnolia - The scent of the large highly fragrant white blossoms. A favorite floral in the south.
Pumpkin Souffle - Bursting with fresh pumpkin & notes of butter, sugar, & spices.
Pumpkin Lager - A warm lager beer scent of pumpkin puree, spices & rum.
Soiree Acadienne -Party with tropical breezes, fresh fruit & white gardenias!
Cactus & Sea Salt - The vitality & freshness of 
  botanicals with a touch of sea spray.
Verbena Berry - Lemon verbena & blueberry blended in a fruity mix.
Green Tea & Freesia  
Zen Tea - Fresh tea with notes of honey, citrus & woods.
Wildflower Honey - Wild honey touched with star anise, jasmine, sweet orange & violet.
Hansel & Gretel's House - Vanilla frosting, cinnamon, graham crackers & raisins.
Christmas Cabin -Bayberries  & cranberries with 
  cinnamon bark & hints of orange zest.
A Northwoods Chrismas -A blend of fresh balsam & lightly spiced cranberry.
Cider Snap 
Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Cinnamon Red Hot
Carmelized Pralines
Blue Spruce 
Victorian Christmas
Many other scents are available!