Farm Pictures 
Lavender In Flower 
Close up of lavender - May 2008 
Pecan Trees and pond 
Pecan Clusters in Tree 
Pecan clusters after hurricane.
Monarch Caterpillar 
Monarch Caterpillar eating Milkweed plant - 
October 3, 2007
Monarch Butterfly hatching from cocoon & other cocoons beneath.
Monarch leaves cocoon 
Monarch Butterfly on swing in garden - October 3, 2007
        Magnolia Blossom 
Large Magnolia blossom in back garden - June 24, 2008
Rosemary Flowers 
Rosemary in flower by small pond 
 Lavender Garden 
Lavender growing by pool - May 2008 
 Jewelweed Plant 
                                                     Jewelweed growing in Medicine Garden 
Jewelweed flower bud 
First jewelweed flower bud.
Jewelweed Flower 
Jewelweed bud opens. 
                                     All ages enjoy the harvest.
Hummingbird on Hibiscus Sabdariffa plant. 
  Pecan flowers in early Spring 2011
Bluebird peeking out of house.
                                      Bluebird eggs